The Three Fundamental Facts Of SFI:

A) currently the value of each Versa Point is about $0.0005

B) The SFI “ultra-simple 3-step plan” teaches something that everybody in this world is able to do:

  1. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and remain an EA every month
  2. Recruit five affiliates
  3. Teach your five affiliates to do these same three steps

C) An EA has minimum 1500VP and a typical CV (Commission Value) of (only) $20CV.

That being said, let’s say you decide to recruit those five affiliates and you teach them to create the same duplication within their first month. Then multiply the $ Versa Point Value for the total number of Versa Point generated by your EAs downline and you will see that in just 6 months you’ll achieve and surpass you initial goal of $10.000,00 (ten thousands dollars) monthly income:

Month EA2 Total EAs Total VP Monthly Income
1st 5 5 7500 $3,75
2nd 25 30 45000 $22,50
3rd 125 155 232500 $116,25
4th 625 780 1170000 $585,00
5th 3125 3905 5857500 $2.928,75
6th 15625 19530 29295000 $14.647,50

Now this income is only the matching VP that you get when you are team leader. On top of this of course, there will be the extra income consequently generated by all the different stream included in the SFI Compensation Plan like: ECA Royalties, Direct Sales, SFIPPA (Pay Per Action) and SFI contests.

What could be the “obstacle” in this fantastic path to follow? It’s obvious: all kind of serious and reliable businesses, in order to produce earnings, need to produce at least a minimum amount of sales, need to move money. Otherwise they can’t be called “business”.

But here the good news is what you can also read in the earnings calculator: “Estimate is based on a typical CV (commission volume) per Executive Affiliate of (only) $20“.

This is Fantastic if you consider that part of the SFI business, is tripleclicks.com; one of the best “money-saving” online stores in the world. And it is YOUR Store! Exactly; whatever your PSA and EA2 will buy at Tripleclicks in the years to come, will produce a large monthly income for you, even if you’re on a holiday or just sleeping.

So, what could these EA2 (…and yourself too) buy, in order to produce at least $20 in CV every month? The following is my suggestion:

  1. IAHBE standing Order for $29 per month = $15.50 CV and 1500 Versa Points
  2. A standing Order for 20 + 10 free Personally Sponsored Affiliates for $55 = $5.36 CV and 402 Versa Points

TOTAL $20.86 CV and 1902 Versa Points!

Why do I suggest to ALL serious affiliates to choose these 2 products available at Tripleclicks?


– IAHBE for a very low cost, not only includes also 1500 VP which automatically qualify us
as EA2 every month, but also bring us knowledge and tons of tools, extremely useful in building our successful SFI business.
– 20 + 10 free Personally Sponsored Affiliates are fundamental in creating with no effort, no time, no risk, the duplication process we all need in order to follow the income path illustrated above.

Plus; as you can see, the total of CV and VP produced by these 2 products is higher than what is requested by this plan, to achieve that monthly income. Which means that even if the duplication process goes slower than expected, the monthly income won’t be much lower than our initial goal.

So, if you don’t have any other reliable, tangible and attainable strategy in place, which could lead you to earn more than $10,000 per month in 6 months, just accept the challenge, start treating your SFI business like the real business it actually is, set your goals, place your orders now, show your best Affiliates the same path you are following and NEVER GIVE UP !

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