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Start a news letter to focus to your affiliate team

My Dear Team Member Friend

As your Sponsor/Co-Sponsor/Team Leader I have decided to built an awesome team in SFI and it is only possible upon your help and performance. If we work together we will be reached soon to our success to get a Pay Cheque. You know very well success of a Team depends upon a great Team Work of each member’s performance and as a Team Member you have some responsibility to take part on it with your performance. SFI is a free and open platform to do your business and to earn money, grow ourselves successfully. Don’t make it critical. If you not sit idle and apply positive thinking, success will knock to your door. Continue reading

What do successful Leaders in SFI know and do?

A successful leader is the one leading to success not only himself but his team as well.

Successful Leaders have made their plans, focus on them and work towards achieving their goals. They work consistently and patiently to build and expand their SFI business. They have read all training material available by SFI and continue to expand their knowledge on internet business.

They log in to their account at least once a day, work daily and complete all actions available. They visit the forum and assist their fellows. They constantly promote SFI, Triple clicks and Pricebenders.

Successful Leaders support their team by answering questions, encouraging and praising their affiliates and offering any kind of assistance they may require.

In summary, Successful Leader is the one that knows and follows the SFI rules of success.