Start a news letter to focus to your affiliate team

My Dear Team Member Friend

As your Sponsor/Co-Sponsor/Team Leader I have decided to built an awesome team in SFI and it is only possible upon your help and performance. If we work together we will be reached soon to our success to get a Pay Cheque. You know very well success of a Team depends upon a great Team Work of each member’s performance and as a Team Member you have some responsibility to take part on it with your performance. SFI is a free and open platform to do your business and to earn money, grow ourselves successfully. Don’t make it critical. If you not sit idle and apply positive thinking, success will knock to your door.

So friend to left all negative thinking…come on, set up your mind and takes a strong decision to make an awesome Team. Always contact with me. At the bottom of your SFI homepage there is an option “Support/help”. Click it to contact me if you need any kind of assistance and support. Check my Leadership page to click the below link to know more about SFI. Remember to get success in SFI you have to duplicate your upline Team Leaders (X-your SFI ID)

To get success in SFI you have to duplicate your upline Leaders and to take some necessary action step by step.

a) Complete your SFI Affiliate profile immediately. It is very important and also to get VP

b) Upload your photo. This is requires for your professionalism. In future when you will become a Leader your downline members will able to see your professional attitude.

c) White listing the following emails so that important suggestions, trainings, support from SFI and your Sponsor will not go to your Spam Box.,, and email address of your Leaders

d) Log into your SFI Homepage daily with your SFI ID & Password. Click TO-DO-LIST. Read, review thoroughly and complete the actions to get Versa Points (VP)

e) Versa Point (VP) – Versa point or VP is your reward points and also money in SFI. So many VP you can accumulate in a month your commission and rank will advance in every month.

f) To check, read and complete LAUNCHPAD. Read SFI BASICS to learn more about SFI.

g) Always submit rating to any good Tips to anybody. It will also brings your success

h) Go to TripleClicks and check the products. Watch pricebenders auctions to get an idea first. Participate in forum to read the several post of experienced affiliates, leaders. Registered with A2A community to make friends worldwide.

This is your first news letter to you. I will send my next news letter soon after the above actions taken by you.

Wish you good luck