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There are 3 ways you can build on a tight budget

No matter how tight your budget is, you can still make things work here in SFI…that is the beauty of it all. Lots of affiliates give up too early because of excuses like “no money to invest”, “tight budget” and so on.

You have a tight budget? Don’t worry, I have some really good tip for you. I don’t know how tight your budget is but can you afford $29 or 18.9 per month? If not what about $1.89 per month? There are 3 ways you can build on a tight budget viz

1. THE $29 BUDGET (method one)
The easiest way is build your business by setting up a standing order of 100 TCredits. That guarantees you 1200 VP, include your daily, weekly and monthly actions to get above 1500 VP to make EA. what if you cannot afford $29? Then consider the next method

2. THE $18.9 BUDGET (method two)
This method involves taking advantage of the high VP a single TCredit will give you. Just set up a standing order by buying 10 single TCredits at $1.89 each. 10 single TCredit buy will cost you $18.89 and give you 1020 VP that is 102 VP times 10 TCredits = 1020 VP. Include your daily, weekly and monthly action VPs and you get above 1500 VP for

EA qualification. What if you still cannot afford this $18.9? Then the last method is for you.

3. THE $1.89 METHOD (method three)
Setup a standing order for 1 Tcredit. It costs $1.89. Find 5 people to do the same thing, you will have a profit. The more people you find, the more profit you will make. Then, when you reach a point where you are getting $30US profit, you can start to be an EA. For each person you sponsor that does the same thing, and sets up a standing order for $1.89 you earn $0.61 commission. For every 5, that is $3.05. I got to know about this method through my sponsor who I give credits to for this method.

From the above, you can see that I have stated 3 sound plans to cover three different budgets. Choose any particular one that fits you. Remember that SFI is a business and I encourage you to give it a long term plan. I hope my tips has been helpful.

See you at the top.

Start a news letter to focus to your affiliate team

My Dear Team Member Friend

As your Sponsor/Co-Sponsor/Team Leader I have decided to built an awesome team in SFI and it is only possible upon your help and performance. If we work together we will be reached soon to our success to get a Pay Cheque. You know very well success of a Team depends upon a great Team Work of each member’s performance and as a Team Member you have some responsibility to take part on it with your performance. SFI is a free and open platform to do your business and to earn money, grow ourselves successfully. Don’t make it critical. If you not sit idle and apply positive thinking, success will knock to your door. Continue reading

What do successful Leaders in SFI know and do?

A successful leader is the one leading to success not only himself but his team as well.

Successful Leaders have made their plans, focus on them and work towards achieving their goals. They work consistently and patiently to build and expand their SFI business. They have read all training material available by SFI and continue to expand their knowledge on internet business.

They log in to their account at least once a day, work daily and complete all actions available. They visit the forum and assist their fellows. They constantly promote SFI, Triple clicks and Pricebenders.

Successful Leaders support their team by answering questions, encouraging and praising their affiliates and offering any kind of assistance they may require.

In summary, Successful Leader is the one that knows and follows the SFI rules of success.



The Three Fundamental Facts Of SFI:

A) currently the value of each Versa Point is about $0.0005

B) The SFI “ultra-simple 3-step plan” teaches something that everybody in this world is able to do:

  1. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and remain an EA every month
  2. Recruit five affiliates
  3. Teach your five affiliates to do these same three steps

C) An EA has minimum 1500VP and a typical CV (Commission Value) of (only) $20CV.

That being said, let’s say you decide to recruit those five affiliates and you teach them to create the same duplication within their first month. Then multiply the $ Versa Point Value for the total number of Versa Point generated by your EAs downline and you will see that in just 6 months you’ll achieve and surpass you initial goal of $10.000,00 (ten thousands dollars) monthly income: Continue reading